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Little Master Learning System

    · Mandarin, English, Malay

    · 4-12 years

    · One-on-one teaching

Characteristics :
We have spent a couple of years in designing a set of trilingual courses, which included, Mandarin, English, Malay and corresponding workbooks for children aged between 4-12 years old.
This teaching method will focusing on 1-on-1 learning so that children can learn trilingual efficiently and happily, we named this teaching method as “LMLS” (Little Master Learning System)

3 Steps

> Input (Flashcard)

Little Master places a strong emphasis on the value of word recognition, reading, understanding, and application to help children improve their vocabulary, grammar rules, and sentence construction.

> Recharge (Puzzle games, interaction)

Studies have shown that because children have a limited attention span, long learning hours might not be recommended. Hence, it is important to allow students to have a short break and recharge during lessons so that students may refresh and have a better grasp during the learning process.

> Output (Workbooks)

Students may use the vocabulary they have learned during the lessons and answering sessions. By incorporating new words into sentences and responding to questions, we are able to help kids retain the words they have learned.


1. Master three languages thoroughly
    Words recognition, reading, comprehension, application

2. Self-learning
    Children can do revision and preview on their study work on their own

3. Time management
    Complete task within the specified time frame

4. Build self-confidence
    One-to-one teaching, able to give encouragement and reward on time when children perform well

5. Improve concentration
    Study attentively within a limited time is better than an hour of inattention

6. Stimulate left and right brain development
    Little Master Learning System + mind game

9 Teaching Materials

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