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Little Master

Our Introduction

In Little Master enrichment centre, we have spent a total of four years time in designing a set of trilingual courses, which included, Mandarin, English and Malay and corresponding textbooks for children aged between 4 – 12 years old. This teaching method will focusing on  “one-to-one” learning so that children can learn trilingual efficiently and happily, and we named this teaching method as “LMLS” (Little Master Learning System).

Little Master

Our courses

  • Mandarin, English, Malay
  • 4-12 years old
  • Focusing on “One-to-One” learning
  • "Little Master Learning System (LMLS)"
  • One method, three steps, six benefits, nine teaching materials
Little Master

Today’s education problems:

  • Children might missed their best time of learning languages due to the wrong learning concept by parents
  • They educate children based on their age, instead of their learning conditions or ability
  • Spoon-feeding
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Why Little Master?

  • “One-to One” learning
  • Smaller class ensures teacher is aware of the learning conditions of every children so that they can master the three languages effectively. Not just reading, but also comprehension and application in daily life.
  • Little Master Learning System
  • Little Master was founded in 2015. After four years of practicing, we have come out with an effective teaching method which we named it “Little Master Learning System” and also corresponding teaching materials to ensure the children can learn trilingual efficiently and happily.

Photos of our centre

Testimonials from parents