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Our Introduction

In LITTLE MASTER® enrichment centre, we have spent a few years in designing a set of trilingual courses, which included, Chinese, English and Malay and corresponding teaching materials for children aged between 4 – 12 years old. This teaching method will focusing on “one-on-one” learning so that children can learn trilingual efficiently and happily, and we named this teaching method as “LMLS” (Little Master Learning System).

Our courses

- Chinese, Malay, English

- 4-12 years old

- Focusing on “One-on-One” learning

- "Little Master Learning System (LMLS)"

- One method, three steps, six benefits, nine teaching materials

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Current Educational System's Challenges

Kids who struggle with reading might have limited knowledge of the content that they are reading.  As a result, they resort to mindless memorising the information provided, rather than fully understanding it.

When kids have a weak foundation in language learning, they will struggle to keep up with the new lessons and homework. Eventually, many of them would develop a dislike for learning.

As the learning syllabus becomes more extensive and advanced, the kids will feel more pressured. Likewise, parents are unable to help them too.

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Why Should You Choose Little Master?

One-on-One personalised teaching

Each child is unique and has a different learning pace. That’s why at Little Master, we believe in giving each student a unique learning experience. We can help them to advance from zero to hero by repeating the lessons until they gradually understand them. This way, the children may learn more effectively without any pressure.

Interactive Lessons

Continue to foster One-on-One lessons according to each child’s comprehension, language ability, and attention span.

Systematic Teaching

Using our checklist, parents may easily keep track of their child's learning progress.

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Photos of Our Centre