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About Us

Since 2015, LITTLE MASTER® is a renowned provider of educational services, catering to a diverse group of students aged 4 to 12 years old. With a team of highly experienced educators, Little Master empowers students to learn at their own pace and skill level.

In order to help develop word recognition, reading, comprehension, and application skills that are suitable for all children, we introduced the Little Master Learning System, which consists of one primary technique, three major steps, six great benefits, and nine key teaching materials. Little Master believes it's important for children to master the three languages while having fun and being carefree. We encourage students to fall in love with the learning process during our sessions as opposed to seeing it as a chore.

Over the years, our commitment to delivering top-notch teaching has earned us the trust and appreciation of numerous parents. Little Master's lessons range from preschool to primary school level and are designed based on different difficulty levels. This enables students of all ages to learn and advance at their own speed regardless of age.


To be the best children education brand. Starting footsteps from Malaysia towards the whole world.


 Insist on building the best education for children, starting off with a sincere heart.


Child-centered, so they can learn three languages efficiently and happily

Our Milestones

LITTLE MASTER®  officially established.

Development of the first Little Master course and teaching syllabus: Textbooks, workbooks, flashcards, reading materials and lesson tracking forms.

The upgraded second batch of the teaching syllabus is officially launched, serving as a better fit for kids aged 4 to 12 years old. Establishing our headquarters and our model centre in Puchong (The Cube). The teaching staffs received more resources to outfit them.

The Little Master Go Online programme was launched during the MCO period. The first LITTLE MASTER®  branches was established, and by year's end, 6 more branches had been established. Parents can purchase online classes for their children to continue learning at home.

LITTLE MASTER®  also established a ground breaking record by opening more than 41 branches in a year. According to future plans, more than 100 branches will be launched nationwide.

The Founder's Story

"Do our best!" - giving the best education to children.

I've always been passionate about education and have always hoped to provide the best education to every child.

The origin of founding LITTLE MASTER®

As a former kindergarten principal, I have faced numerous children with varying degrees of ability, and have noticed that the level of teaching materials in kindergartens and primary schools today is uneven, resulting in children lacking confidence in learning three languages. When I saw my students yawning over school textbooks, I thought, wouldn't it be more fun to turn these unfamiliar words into interesting and vivid flashcards? That's why I decided to design an effective trilingual teaching system through one-on-one and tailored courses, to make children fall in love with learning three languages. Hence, the idea of founding "Little Master" was born.

I still remember the first class we opened had only four students. We didn't even have a set of flashcards or a textbook and had to prepare and plan lessons while teaching every day. In the early days of setting up the company, Lawrence and I had to handle all the big and small matters ourselves, which was definitely a huge challenge.

The transformation under the impact of the pandemic

Just as Little Master was getting on track and preparing to take off, the arrival of the COVID-19 virus made all our preparations disappear in an instant. But I believe that "when people can't change their direction, they can change their way of doing things". Although physical classes were impossible, online learning was the only way out. During the period of movement control, we survived solely on meager monthly salaries and faith. Fortunately, we were able to meet the first few franchise partners who trusted us, and it was their trust that rekindled the fighting spirit that I did not want to give up.

What can a kindergarten teacher and an ordinary white-collar worker do? If you ask me if I have ever thought about giving up, the answer is: no!

Persistence leads to hope

Looking back, from having no books at all to publishing over a hundred books and having our own unique teaching system to teach every child, this is proof of our Little Master's words and deeds being consistent, and also the result of our perseverance. Of course, we will not stop here. We hope that in the future, the name Little Master can go global, allowing more children who need learning opportunities to regain their confidence, and let them understand that learning three languages is not difficult!"

Sharol Pong, 2023

Founder of Little Master

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