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Little Master was founded in 2015

Hi, my name is Sharol Pong, the founder of Little Master.

I have been serving in the education field for 15 years. I was brought up in a family that serves in the education field as well. My mother was a kindergarten and tuition teacher and so since young I used to follow her everywhere to teach lessons together.

After I graduated high school in 2003, I taught in my mother’s kindergarten. Slowly, I began to develop interest towards the education field, and I began to work part time while finishing my studies in Early Childhood Education.

While I was working in the kindergarten, I also worked as a part-time tutor to support my family’s finance.

At that season, I realized that teaching using traditional method is not necessarily suitable for all the young ones, as every child has different learning styles. Big classes and age-appropriate lessons are not necessarily effective to lay a solid foundation of a child’s language development.

I chose to leave the kindergarten after six years of working there. My husband (Lawrence) and I opened a new branch of a well-known children art centre in 2011.

We were very diligent and passionate in managing the centre, and it was an honour for us to have won the Top Ten Outstanding Franchisee Award in Malaysia for seven consecutive years, as our centre stood out among nearly 200 other centres.

Although we were only operating art classes at that time, many parents came to ask for my help to tutor their children. Thus, I said to Lawrence, “I actually have a set of learning methods that can be modified for each child according to his/her learning abilities to master trilingual,” but we knew we need the time and a team to make it work. Then Lawrence said to me, “On top of having this dream, if we are able to help the young ones, then let’s do it together!”

In the year of 2015, the first Little Master centre was finally opened. At first, we only had a very simple concept, everything had to start from zero, and it was a very challenging season for us. We spent a lot of time, money and manpower. Putting in a lot of efforts from referencing, researching, systemizing, designing to testing, creating batch after batch of teaching materials, to give the best for the children. All these processes tested our endurance, as we brainstorm day & night to improve our teaching materials. The centre and everything in it were built brick by brick.

In 2019, after 4 years of constant sharpening and refining, we manage to come out with a more suitable learning method for children (between 4 to 12 years old). Using three easy steps, and 9 corresponding teaching materials, we provide each child six benefits which includes mastering three languages. We named the method as “Little Master Learning System”. In addition, we also successfully rebranded and gained a firm foothold in the market.

Furthermore, in 2020, we completed the establishment of Model Centre which is located in The Cube Bandar Puteri Puchong as we want to provide a comfortable, favourable, and fun-filled classrooms for the children. Moreover, with our one-of-a-kind teaching techniques, we thrivingly made the learning process to be fun filled for the children, and got rid of the children’s stereotype thinking about traditional method of learning.

Personally, I think education will not only affect a child’s future, but it will also affect the family, community and of course, the future of the country. Along the way, we, Little Master, will always persist and not give up to enhance and improve our teaching materials continuously, for the sake of giving the best education for each child. It is our goal to be the largest learning centre in Malaysia, to change the country, to change the world.

My Project

Little Master Learning System, one and only trilingual language education system in Malaysia.

Little Master was founded in June 2015, dedicated to be a language centre that focus on teaching children aged from 4-12 years old Mandarin, English and Bahasa Malaysia. After few years of practice and experience, we have specially designed a series of learning method that is suitable for all children (4-12 years old). With three simple steps coordinating with the nine teaching materials, children are able to dominate the six main benefits in learning the three languages. We named this learning system as the ‘Little Master Learning System’. We hope to bring the ‘Little Master Learning System’ to different locations in Malaysia, helping overs 200,000 children.


Insist on building the best education for children, starting off with a sincere heart.


To be the best children education brand. Starting footsteps from Malaysia towards the whole world.

The Little Master Team

Sharol Pong

Founder of Little Master

Lawrence Tan

CEO of Little Master

Victor Tuang

Legal Advisor of Little Master

JL Goh

IT Consultant of Little Master

We valued the team spirit very much, thus we put in effort to train more passionate and responsible teams, giving our best to educate every single child:

What do parents say about us?

Little Master Model Centre

From renovating, designing to selecting furniture. From designing course, teaching materials to teachers training. We are in every little step to ensure we can provide a good learning environment to the children. Our core value and intention never changed, which is being child-centered, giving them a fun and highly effective language learning experience.

Our teaching materials and system

All of our teaching materials are arranged and originated from us. After few years’ worth of sweat and tears, the team have come up with over thousands of flashcards, a total of 36 types of workbook, grouped into 9 different levels for the three languages. The team have also prepared the reading book, word cards and more. When all these materials are being used under the ‘Little Master Learning System’ with help of professional teachers, Little Master students will find language learning fun and parents can be at ease as children can enjoy and learn language effectively at the same time.

3 main reasons to invest in Little Master

Attentively goal is to step in IPO

Why Little Master?

To be the best children education brand. Starting off from Malaysia marching towards the whole world.

The feeling of achievement and satisfaction is indescribable every time we see growth and changes in children’s life. Little Master is not just an ordinary education center, but a place where children are the most important. Just like our mission ‘Insisting on building the best education for children, starting off with a sincere heart.’ , because we believe that there is only one chance for children to grow, getting the best education can change their lives, it will be unfortunate to miss it out.

Therefore, I hope that we will have enough resources, speeding up to develop and pioneer more Little Master Centre to benefit more children all around Malaysia, providing the best education. It also gives us chances to nurture more passionate, loving and creative educators to teach the next generation!

In this modern era, the demand for a good education is getting higher each day from the parents. There is a Chinese saying that says that nothing come more important than education, thus this is a industry with a bright future. Looking at the future, we hope that not only we are the top educators in Malaysia, but also a brand that can stand strong internationally.

Join us now to become part of our shareholder of the best education brand in Malaysia!

For further inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us. A detailed and complete proposal will be sent to you. Thank you!

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