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Little Master?

A-Z 90-Days Opening Checklist

We have 15 years of educational experience and also have a complete standard operating procedure (SOP), so that you can easily start a business with or without experience.

Headquarters Ongoing Support

HQ have many promotion programs and channels to ensure that Little Master licensees are more competitive in the market. You'll never be alone on your journey begins from day one.

Training Support

Little Master training includes licensees training, instructor training, The Little Master Method & learning materials, student assessment and enrolment, and centre management strategies.

Complete Education System

After years of continuous research and development, our teaching model has been verified by countless parents, and 98% of parents have praised it. A good teaching model can allow students to make substantial progress, and then attract other students to sign up, forming a positive cycle.

Complete Management System

Let our system handle your center’s daily operational work from fee collection & tracking, teacher & student data management. All you need to do is just one click on the computer.

Low Capital, High Return

Only 20 students are required to break-even! The cost of managing an education centre does not need to be much, and it is relatively stable. Coupled with our comprehensive marketing, branding and advertising support, we ensure that all licensees are profitable.

O2O - Online and Offline Learning

Online classes + Offline classes, allowing you to run your education business anytime, anywhere, without being restricted by time, space and location.

Recruitment Process

1. Submit Little Master Licensing Application Form

2. Attend Little Master’s Licensing Briefing & First interview

3. Obtained approval from Little Master HQ

4. Attend New Licensee & Instructor Training Course by Little Master HQ

5. Licensee Agreement Signing

6. Centre Opening

Joining Us - Inquiry Form

Do you dream of starting your own business and being your own boss, all while pursuing your passion? Creating your own brand is undoubtedly a challenging endeavour that many aspire to achieve.

Joining LITTLE MASTER ® offers numerous benefits for starting a business. It simplifies the process and helps you get on track quickly. With us, there's no need to plan aimlessly or waste time and effort starting from scratch. Our platform not only saves you money but also minimizes your efforts. We provide a simple yet effective business model that increases your chances of success in the education industry.

The opportunity is here!

In response to Malaysia’s economic revitalization plan, Little Master also introduced licensing subsidies to help educators who want to take the first step in starting a business and share a common vision with us .

This offer is only open to the first 10 people, and now only the last 3 places are left! 👇👇 #LimitedOffer #FirstComeFirstServed

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