Boon Shu’s Mother

He was very resistant to other tuition centers that I applied for him previously but things have changed when he came to Little Master enrichment centre. Little Master has a systematic teaching method which let my son, Boon Shu not afraid of learning any more. Other than that, his memorizing has improved a lot.

Angus & Andrew’s Mother

Although Angus and Andrew were only studied for one and a half month, but I was very surprised to find that their memorising have improved significantly. They can still remember vocabulary they did not review for a long time. Little Master makes them love to learn.

Wei Ming & Sin Yi’s Mother

I am very satisfied with Wei ming and Sin Yi’s progression in Little Master. Before coming to Little Master, weiming has a very limited vocabulary. However, with the careful and patient teaching by teachers in Little Master.  Wei Ming has able to master most of the vocabulary required for junior standard.

Damia’s Mother

I am very surprised that Damia was able to master in listening, speaking, reading and writing in such a short time. I am very pleased to see Damia making a significant progress in her academic.

Thanosini’s mom

This is the best trilingual and enrichment centre I have ever seen! Little Master has a good learning environment and the teachers are very friendly and patient to every child. When they need help or assistance, Littler Master’s teachers are always there for them.